1.2 Purpose

The aim of fusion is to provide clean power, this ethos is taken through the operational processes to ensure that waste is reduced where possible by the application of the waste hierarchy.

There is a requirement by the Environment Agency (Nuclear Regulation) that the Company will develop an Integrated Waste Strategy (IWS). Although not an Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) site, to ensure there is a conformity with the national producers of nuclear power, UKAEA follows the guidelines as set out by the NDA.

1.3 Scope

The IWS will provide details of waste management for the full lifecycle of the site to include operational and decommissioning waste.  It will also embrace all waste forms – solid, liquid, gaseous, radioactive and non-radioactive.

Culham hosts a number of research facilities including:
• Joint European Torus (JET),
• Mega Amp Spherical Tokomak-Upgrade (MAST-U),
• Remote Applications in challenging Environments (RACE)
• Materials Research Facility (MRF)

The operation of JET is a European collaboration funded by  Eurofusion, Decommissioning of JET will be a UK liability.

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